Country Walk Near Kineton, Gloucestershire

Pond Near Kineton, GloucestershireAs a newcomer to the UK,  a country walk seemed like an ideal way to explore the English countryside.  Fortunately, in November 2011, my husband and I were invited to join a group of ramblers who did all the planning for us. We were happy to be along for the ride, er, walk.

Walking Near Kineton, GloucestershireAnd we’re off!

Field Near Kineton, GloucestershireNo mortar was used in the construction of this wall.

Rock Wall Near Kineton, GloucestershireOr this one, which clearly has been here a while. Remarkable.

Horses in Barn Near Kineton, GloucestershireIn England, one has the right to traverse another’s land under certain conditions. I’m not sure what those conditions are, but our group walked right through the middle of someone’s farm. Among other things, we saw horses,

Horse Near Kineton, Gloucestershirea horse (??),

Geese Near Kineton, Gloucestershiregeese with double chins,

Cows Feeding Near Kineton Gloucestershirecows,

Cow Near Kineton Gloucestershirea cow (??),

Black and White Cow Near Kineton, Gloucestershireand an Oreo cookie in a cow costume.

Buildings Kineton GloucestershireI feel as though I’m walking inside a picture book.

Sheep Near Kineton, GloucestershireViews like these remind me how lucky I am to be living in England.

Pond Near Kineton, GloucestershireCan you see the white bird by the tree on the island? I have it on authority that it’s fake. As long as it’s not pink…

House Near Kineton, GloucestershireHome at last! Just kidding (and dreaming).

Half Way House, Kineton, GloucestershireWe ended our trek at The Half Way House pub. Just in time, too, because I’d worked up a hearty appetite. After reviewing the menu, I knew I had to have the baguette with brie, cranberry, and bacon (a.k.a. rasher or back bacon, not to be confused with American bacon, which is called “streaky bacon” in the UK). Think fancy and amazingly delicious ham and cheese sandwich. I’d never even heard of this kind of sandwich in the US, but it seems pretty common here and for good reason, I think. It is superb! The Half Way House did it right, pairing the sandwich with crispy and tender chips (French fries) and a lightly dressed salad. I sigh at the memories. (The walk was pretty memorable, too.)


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An American expat living in England, exploring the United Kingdom and Europe through five senses and a camera lens.
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5 Responses to Country Walk Near Kineton, Gloucestershire

  1. An Oreo cookie with a costume cow… lol 🙂 Nice pictures..

  2. cow costume, sorry 🙂 was still laughing when i wrote

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