Goathland and the North York Moors

Goathland AreaThis idyllic scene is deep in the North York Moors in Northern England just outside of Goathland. We arrived here after visiting the Bridestones in Dalby Forest, thinking we’d go to the famous village of Goathland (a.k.a. “Aidensfield”) to see the famous train station (a.k.a. “Hogsmeade Station” of the Harry Potter franchise…do you see the train tracks?) and to have a nice pub dinner (thank you, Rick Steves!). Fortunately, we got to do both, but seeing as how it was January in Northern England, we didn’t have a whole lot of daylight left after leaving the Bridestones. Add to that my astounding photographic skills, and I ended up with a lot of dark pictures. I did my best adjusting exposure and color on these photos (some more than others), but I thought the destination was well worth writing a post with photos, perfect exposure or not.

North York MoorsThis view is a quarter turn from the view above. Here, you can see that the moors are not flat. You might also notice that grasses and shrubs grow, but very few trees.

Goathland Railway Station WaterfallThis little waterfall is just past downtown Goathland and just before the railway station, of which you can see one building. I thought it was pretty and peaceful, adding ambiance with its soothing tumble.

Goathland Railway StationAn old steam train still stops at Goathland’s train station, but not year round. No such luck in January. But if the train had been running, we could have taken the North Yorkshire Moors Railway’s train on a trip from Pickering, across the moors, and then continued on to Grosmont or maybe even to the coastal town of Whitby. Oh, well. Maybe next time.

Goathland Railway Station BridgeI only saw one Harry Potter movie and don’t really remember it well. (Please don’t throw things at me, Harry Potter fans!) However, Rick Steves’ Great Britain tells me that this station was the location for film scenes at “Hogsmeade Station” in the early Harry Potter movies. If you are a Harry Potter aficionado, perhaps you can tell me more about which parts were used in the films and what was different.

Goathland Railway Station from AboveI’m standing on the bridge for this shot. The quaint station had something of a ghost-town feel, because everything was closed and we were alone during most of our visit. I wonder how the station would seem teaming with tourists in the summer.

Downtown GoathlandThis is part of downtown Goathland. The town is very small and you may become confused about whether you’re really in the village of Goathland or not, because many of the buildings carry the name of “Aidensfield.” Goathland was used as the setting for the long-running, British TV series Heartbeat, which took place in the fictional town of Aidensfield. In addition to the building signs, Heartbeat and Aidensfield are well-represented about town in the form of souvenirs of every kind. Although we made it into town around ten minutes to 4pm and most stores’ posted hours were until 4pm, all but the post office and one other shop were closed so we had to enjoy most of the memorabilia through shop windows. This was probably best, because I saw some really cute items that my husband would rather I not purchase.

Sunset over North York MoorsWith Goathland shuttered, we left empty-handed, stopping at a cozy pub on the way back to York.


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14 Responses to Goathland and the North York Moors

  1. Gorgeous! Does this mean you don’t intend England for a while then? 🙂

  2. I meant “don’t intend leaving England” 🙂

  3. leiah says:

    i like the first train station pic. We can visit a ‘Rick Steves Approved’ chocolate shop in Brugge. The lady actually receives Christmas cards from him.

  4. Michelle says:

    Beautiful photos!

  5. Jeyna Grace says:

    Wow! i love your pics!

  6. Great pics. I used to hike and camp in the wild all over Britain, and I was the Yorkshire Dales in the Autumn, so I recognize the wonderful colors! And I rode that train! Nice to be reminded. Thanks.

  7. I love Goathland. I seem to remember there was a youth hostel there. I did the steam train as well up from Pickering.

    • We really liked what we saw of Goathland, too. I just wish we’d arrived sooner so we could have spent more time and seen more. It sounds like we should go back for another visit and take the train!

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