Caernarfon in Watercolor

Caernarfon Chimneys, WalesIn early April, my husband and I went to Caernarfon (kah-NAR-von) in North Wales to visit the remarkable Caernarfon Castle (the subject of a future post). While wandering over the Castle’s walls, I viewed the lovely town of Caernarfon from above. Unfortunately, we did not plan for time to explore the town…the day’s morning was spent touring the Castle while the afternoon was reserved for a visit to Llanberis in Snowdonia and Gwylfa Hiraethog in the Denbigh Moors (also subjects of future posts). However, we did enjoy what we saw of the Caernarfon.

Once home, I was a bit surprised by how much photos of the town looked like watercolor paintings. I’d read that photos taken with Sony’s DSC-HX9V, which is my new camera, sometimes had this watercolor-like appearance. I decided to have a little fun and pushed the effect just a bit farther to see what I’d get. I like the results and hope you do, too.

Caernarfon Wall, Wales

Caernarfon Square, Wales

Caernarfon Boats, Wales

Caernarfon Street, Wales

Caernarfon Castle Turret, Wales

Caernarfon Pasture, Wales

Caernarfon Roofs, Wales

Roof Crown, Caernarfon, Wales

Caernarfon Bay, Wales

Caernarfon Clouds, Wales


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An American expat living in England, exploring the United Kingdom and Europe through five senses and a camera lens.
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6 Responses to Caernarfon in Watercolor

  1. Gunta says:

    You had me totally fooled on the first shot! Amazing! I need to go back and study what it is that makes it so water-color-like… 😉

  2. Lovely! I was there during Easter break once. I had been hiking around Snowdonia and up to mount Snowdon, where everything was still very gray and stark, and then I descended into Caernarfon on a beautiful sunny day and stayed at a B&B for a few days before hitch-hiking further down the coast. I actually sat on the bank drawing those boats, and I took two of my favorite pictures of a gull on those transepts. It was just standing there, a foot away from me, at eye level, so I just had my camera aimed at him, waiting for I don’t know what, and then he very slowly stretched out one wing and one leg to the side. So I got that. And then he did the same on the other side! It was the funniest thing. Seagull ballet.
    Anyway, just south along the coast are some very photogenic spots as well. There is a relatively flat stretch of grass behind the beach, and at high tide the water runs into myriads of bendy little ditches that have been formed by the tides. There are sheep there, and if you get there when it’s misty, it’s absolutely fabulous.

    • We were supposed to go up Mount Snowdon, but there was too much snow, so I’m definitely planning a return trip to the area. When we do, I’ll have to visit the coastal area you describe. It sounds lovely.
      I enjoyed your recounting of the seagull ballet. I can almost see it. And it’s so nice when those pictures turn out.

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