Bumblebees on a Mystery Tree

Bumble Bee on Flowering TreeI love big, fat, fuzzy bumblebees. One day I spent almost 45 minutes following a bumblebee as it flew here and there in a large flower bed. On that day not one photo came out clear enough to keep.

This bumblebee came to me.

Flowering Tree FlowersAt the time, I was admiring these flowers on a tree I am not familiar with. The flowers grow on upward-pointing stalks with some blossoms having pink centers and others yellow. I don’t know why, but the flowers remind me of candy.

Bumble Bee on TiptoeMaybe they’re bee candy, because another bumblebee landed on the flower cluster right in front of me. Check him out standing on one bee-foot.

Two Bumble Bees on a Flowering TreeAnd then there were two bumblebees in the mystery tree.

I tried to identify the tree by searching the Internet, but without success. I’m at a loss. Do you know what kind of tree this is? I’m really curious to know. If it helps, this tree is in the Cotswolds in England.

UPDATE: Thanks go to “Alice” at Alice through the Macro Lens for identifying the mystery tree as a Horse Chestnut and for introducing me to the game of Conkers.

About satnavandcider

An American expat living in England, exploring the United Kingdom and Europe through five senses and a camera lens.
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11 Responses to Bumblebees on a Mystery Tree

  1. It’s hard to tell without a picture of the leaf, but it looks like the good old Horse Chestnut “candles”. I’ve noticed they are in bloom already, and eventually turn into “conkers.” Ask anyone of middle age or older, and they’ll tell you how we used to play Conkers as kids, even though it would often leave us with bruised knuckles.
    Look up Chestnut blossom on google images. And while you’re at it, google conkers too, and get a little taste of British social history 🙂

  2. Wow, love the details in the photos

  3. leiah says:

    Great close up of the bees!

  4. C Ferguson says:

    Great photos. well done. CF

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