Lambs at the Peter Pan Pavilion

Stanway Cricket PavillionI like to think of this wooden building in Stanway as the Peter Pan Pavilion, because it was built for the author of Peter Pan, J.M. Barrie.

Sir James Barrie spent much time in the 1920’s in Stanway, a small village in the Cotswold Hills. When in Stanway, Sir Barrie stayed at the nearby Stanway House, a beautiful Jacobean manor and home to the Earl and Countess of Wemyss.

Stanway Cricket Pavillion

The wooden building is a cricket pavilion. The pavilion sits on the edge of the village cricket green, which is separated by fencing from the surrounding fields full of grazing sheep.

Stanway Cricket Pavillion

The pavilion was built in 1925 by a local builder, John Oakey of Winchcombe (who also built a nearby tennis pavilion), and presented as a gift from Sir James Barrie to the cricket club of Stanway. Today, the pavilion is used regularly by the Stanway Cricket Club.

Staddle stone supporting the Stanway Cricket PavillionThe cricket pavilion rests on staddle stones, which are mushroom-shaped pillars originally used to support granaries because of their unique, vermin-deterring shape. The wooden structure was built to be a cricket pavilion, not a granary, but the staddle stones add a nice Cotswoldian touch.

Sheep near Stanway Cricket PavillionRemember that I mentioned fields of grazing sheep? On the way to and from the cricket pavilion, I met a few. They seemed friendly enough, which was good, because nothing stood between me and them.

Lambs near Stanway Cricket PavillionAs the season gets later, the lambs are getting bigger. No more baby lambs, more like child lambs, but still with plenty of energy to frolic.

Sheep near Stanway Cricket PavillionHere’s a group enjoying the nice weather, but I’m not sure what’s going on with the lamb in the background.

Lamb and Birds near Stanway Cricket PavillionWhy is he surrounded by so many birds? Or did he see the birds and decide to join in the fun?

Sheep near Stanway Cricket PavillionUh, yeah.

Sheep near Stanway Cricket PavillionI really didn’t do anything THAT shocking.

Lamb near Stanway Cricket PavillionHe sees me…

Lambs near Stanway Cricket PavillionAnd pulls out the adorable card.  Well played.

Sheep near Stanway Cricket PavillionAs more cuteness joined the party, I found it hard to pull myself away. But I had to go. However, I expect that I’ll be visiting the Stanway House in the near future. Perhaps I can come back and say hello then.


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3 Responses to Lambs at the Peter Pan Pavilion

  1. Gunta says:

    I believe there is nothing cuter than baby or child lambs. The adults, not so much.

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