Crazy Belgian Chocolate

The Chocolate Line in Bruges, BelgiumUpon my return from a wonderful trip to Belgium, I knew I had to write this post about chocolate, because what’s more wonderfully Belgian than chocolate (besides waffles, of course).

While in Bruges, my niece introduced me to Dominique Persoone’s The Chocolate Line, a unique chocolate shop among Belgian chocolate shops. Dominique Persoone isn’t just a chocolatier, he’s a shock-o-latier. He’s the guy holding a chocolate gun pictured on the mug in the photo below.

Chocolate Poodles and Poop at The Chocolate Line in Bruges, BelgiumOne of the store’s window displays definitely caught my eye. The chocolate poodles looked highly edible, but the chocolate poop sitting atop the toilet paper rolls…not so much. Shucks, Dominique, you really are a shock-o-latier!

Chocolate Sea Beast at The Chocolate Line in Bruges, BelgiumThe kitchen at the back of the shop looked more aquarium than artisanal workshop with its imposing chocolate beasts in progress. If not shocking, then surely impressive.

Chocolate Shooter at The Chocolate Line in Bruges, BelgiumBut by far the craziest chocolate merchandise was displayed in the shop’s front window. The Chocolate Shooter delivers “a blast of chocolate pleasure” (for those times when chewing just takes too long?). This takes being “addicted to chocolate” to a whole new level. Color me shocked.


About satnavandcider

An American expat living in England, exploring the United Kingdom and Europe through five senses and a camera lens.
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6 Responses to Crazy Belgian Chocolate

  1. leiah says:

    Great post! Excited for more Belgium posts 🙂

  2. Pingback: Controversy in Prague | Sat Nav and Cider

  3. Cindy says:

    Dear Sat Nav and Cider
    Thank you very much for posting a positive review about The Chocolate Line on your wordpress blog. We very much appreciate this!
    Kind regards
    The Chocolate Line Team

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