Kerry’s Most Spectacular Cliffs

Kerry's Spectacular Cliffs, County Kerry, Ireland

I thought we did see spectacular cliffs from the viewing point where I took these photos; however, unlike all the other stunning viewing points we’d stopped at along the Ring of Kerry, which were free, we were surprised at the charge of EUR 4 per person (appx. USD 5). But how could we pass up “Kerry’s Most Spectacular Cliffs,” which were also the nearest viewing point to the Skellig Islands?

Skellig Islands from Kerry's Spectacular Cliffs, County Kerry, IrelandThe Skellig Islands are made up of two islands with one being Little Skellig (left) and the other being Great Skellig or Skellig Michael (right). Skellig Michael is known for its monastery of stone huts built in the 6th century. A visit requires a boat trip to the island before climbing stairs to the monastery 600 feet up. The entire trip is supposed to be well worth the money and time, but time wasn’t something we had enough of, so I had to settle for a view and some photos instead.

Kerry's Spectacular Cliffs, County Kerry, IrelandTo get to this viewing point, we took a detour off the Ring of Kerry to Kerry’s Most Spectacular Cliffs located just beyond Portmagee on the Skellig Ring road, which runs along the western tip of the peninsula.

Kerry's Spectacular Cliffs, County Kerry, IrelandThese cliffs were the only viewing point where I saw striations like these. (I think that’s what those stripes are called).

Kerry's Spectacular Cliffs, County Kerry, IrelandWith strong winds and a drop of over 300 meters or 1,000 feet, I was scared witless. Combined with the cold temperature, we looked forward to a warm beverage at the cafe near the parking lot. Even with our “20% discount,” which was a benefit of the price of admission, our two small drinks cost an additional $7.50.

Was this roadside attraction overpriced? Probably, when compared to all the other spectacular viewing points along the Ring of Kerry. But I thought the visit was still worth the stop. What do you think?


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14 Responses to Kerry’s Most Spectacular Cliffs

  1. Definitely worth it. Beautiful views!

  2. Esther says:

    Absolutely gorgeous. Would love to go myself some day!

  3. Monique says:

    Gorgeous, amazing … but why are you so close to the edge? Aaaaaaaaa, stand back, stand back! 😉

  4. We were there a couple of years ago…definitely worth the price …also took a boat trip to the islands, complete with Puffins and other unusual birds. I thought the trip was going to be calm, but when we left the harbour shelter it was like a roller coaster! Luckily nobody was sea-sick!

    • Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog. I had hoped to see a Puffin during our trip, but was not so fortunate. I also would have liked to go out to the islands, but am not sorry I missed the roller coaster ride to get there, because I do get sea sick!

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  6. drivetopless says:

    I got engaged at this exact spot last Month. Your pictures are wonderful. Thanks for blogging about this beautiful post.

    • Thanks so much for your comment. Blogging about the Cliffs was my pleasure :). And congratulations on your engagement! What an incredible setting for such a wonderful, life-changing moment.

  7. katie says:

    I was there with my family this summer and found the views breathtaking.We couldn’t believe we were still in Kerry, not mind Ireland, it shows how we don’t appreciate the idyllic places in our own your pictures 🙂 we hoped to take a boat out to the island but unfortunately we had missed it … still we had a wonderful day.I have decided to pick dingle well more specifically Ireland’s most spectacular views as a place of beauty as part of an essay for English hope it goes to plan ha 😀 came across this AS i was researching the exact location I would recommend anyone to go there 😀 🙂

  8. kerrycliffs says:

    Thank you for writing such a great article on our cliffs satnavandcider . We are so happy that you have taken the time to write about your time on the cliffs. We are also delighted to with comments that you have recieved here both about your excellent post and our cliffs. We hope to see you again on the cliffs and here in Portmagee. I would also like to invite you to do a guest post on our new website also.

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