The Beautiful Dijver Canal in Bruges

View from Braambergstraat, Bruges, BelgiumView of the Dijver Canal, Bruges, Belgium.

While visiting Bruges, my husband and I were so fortunate to be able to spend the day with our niece and her husband, exploring the town and seeing the sights. My niece took us to a very picturesque spot just off Braambergstraat in an open area next to the Cafe ‘T Klein Venetie. She told us that the spot was very popular with tourists taking pictures. I could see why.

The Dijver Canal is one of the prettiest canals in Bruges. The photo above was taken of the canal in the direction of the Belfry Tower known locally as Belfort.

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An American expat living in England, exploring the United Kingdom and Europe through five senses and a camera lens.
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20 Responses to The Beautiful Dijver Canal in Bruges

  1. This place looks so breathtaking! Wow!


  2. Pit says:

    Is that a “regular” photo or an HDR picture. It has so many excellent details, even in the background.

    • Pit, I looked at the full-sized original photo and found that it was not a result of backlight correction (in-camera HDR), but is a “regular” photo for my camera.

  3. Amazing…you and your husband are travelling to all the wonderful places I visited whilst living in London. Your snaps are luscious and bring back such fond memories of what seems a life-time ago….memories now refreshed through your *views of the room*. Again…thank you. JOTS

    • My pleasure, and thank you for your comment. I’m so glad to read that you find my photos luscious 🙂 and that they help to bring back positive memories. What a wonderful compliment. What was your favorite place that you visited?

      • Oh…gosh. Every country we visited I said…”I could live here!” …of course food was involved, as well!! I took some “luscious” snaps of [my own] in Prague and several out lying villages that are framed and hang in my hall. I loved it all. My heart, however, remains in England. It’s all about England…I’m so very envious of you and your adventure…and so filled with admiration that you embrace this journey.

        • Thanks for your kind words. I can relate to your experience. 🙂 We want to go back to so many of the places we’ve visited, but we are so happy to be living in England. Unfortunately, time seems to be moving very quickly and soon we will have to move back to the States. But until that day….

  4. leiah says:

    The cafe name ‘klein Venetie’ means ‘Little Venice’

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