Otherworldly Eskdale Valley

Eskdale Valley, Lake District, United KingdomEskdale Valley, Western Lake District, United Kingdom.

Although the glacial valley of Eskdale is in the Lake District, it does not have a lake of its own. But water is not absent as the River Esk waters flow through the valley to its estuary at Ravenglass, then into the Irish Sea. On a clear day, one can see the whole of  Eskdale Valley with the Irish Sea visible at the far western edge.  On the day we visited, drizzle fell and mist hung in the air, but we could still see a faint blue line in the far distance.

Eskdale Valley, Lake District, United KingdomThe main access to Eskdale Valley is from the western end, but we arrived from the east through the ridiculously steep, winding, and treacherous Hardknott Pass. Even with the rain, mist, and all, I was happy we took the road less travelled, because the view from Hardknott Roman Fort was worth the trip. (And by worth the trip I mean after it was complete, because if you’d asked me while we were descending the mountain-hugging, one-lane, two-way-traffic road, as I prayed for our lives with my eyes tightly closed, I might not have made the same claim.)

Eskdale Valley, Lake District, United KingdomWe spent time at Hardknott Roman Fort (the subject of a future post) before descending into the valley proper.

Eskdale Valley, Lake District, United KingdomThere, we entered an entirely different landscape that could have been plucked straight from illustrations in a book about mystical lands.

Eskdale Valley, Lake District, United KingdomOr of volcanoes spewing ash.

Eskdale Valley, Lake District, United KingdomOr about furry creatures that speak and have whole societies separate from that of man.

Eskdale Valley, Lake District, United KingdomOr maybe even of another world different from, but not unlike, our own.

One can dream. Eskdale Valley made it easy.


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An American expat living in England, exploring the United Kingdom and Europe through five senses and a camera lens.
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3 Responses to Otherworldly Eskdale Valley

  1. Pit says:

    I can understand your feelings when descending – maybe also going up and not being able to see beyond the top of the hill and thus not being aware of any oncoming traffic – those narrow roads. I vividly remember them from my time in the Lake District long, long ago. And what I also remember, with a smile, is that typically British understatement on the road signs, before you need to go down a steep grade, something like, “Steep grade ahead – 1 in 3” and then: “You have been warned”! 😉
    Best regards from southern Texas,

    • I’ll take your word for the existence of steep grade warning signs, because I wasn’t looking! Seriously. I was afraid we were going to go sliding of a cliff edge or go careening unchecked down the hill/mountain/road of horrors.

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