In Search of Poppies

Red Poppies in the English CountrysideA friend heard about some poppy fields south of town, so one afternoon she, another friend, and I set out to find them. Although we searched south, then north, then south again and even asked a local, elderly gentleman where we might find these elusive poppy fields, we did not. As it turned out, we weren’t directionally challenged; the fields hadn’t been planted this year.

Red Poppies in Rapeseed Field with BuildingDuring our search, we had seen a smattering of red poppies along the road and thought that might be as good as it was going to get. But on the way back home we spotted a sparse cluster of poppies in a rapeseed field. Not an entire field, but certainly more than a few stragglers clinging to the side of the road.

Red Poppies Among RapeseedHere, the bright splashes of red go nicely against the background of rape seed pods.

Red Poppy Field with TreeWe were happy we found the poppy cluster, but still hoped to find a poppy field. Our hopes were realized when we visited Cotswold Lavender in Snowshill. Beside the cafe/gift shop’s parking lot was a field of wildflowers and poppies.

Poppies and WildflowersLove it!

Red Poppies and Field

Red Poppy Field with WildflowersWe finally got our poppy fix.

Peach PoppyPoppies are striking in a group, but appreciation of a poppy’s intricate beauty is easier when viewing a single blossom close up. This large poppy lived at Tewkesbury Abbey (different trip).

Peach PoppyDo you want to reach out and touch it? I do.

Orange Poppy with BeeAnd what about this one that once lived in the village of Tewkesbury? Is it me or does the center look remarkably like a gumdrop? Even so, I’ll leave the eating to the bees.

Red Poppies and Misty Lavender Field

Up close or in a group, the poppies were a sight to see, which was great, but what was even better was going on the quest with friends. In the end, it wasn’t so much about the destination as it was about the journey.

About satnavandcider

An American expat living in England, exploring the United Kingdom and Europe through five senses and a camera lens.
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8 Responses to In Search of Poppies

  1. Beautiful. I love poppies! I have fond memories of cycling among endless fields of golden wheat in France, with poppies and cornflowers along the edges.

  2. Vicky says:

    Beautiful images!
    Most of my poppy pics have come from the Snowshill area too.

  3. Breathtaking! I want a poppy field! 🙂

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