Last Year’s Lavender

Purple Flower w Last Years LavenderWhen I moved into my house nearly a year ago, I had no idea what the rough, brown stalks were, but after this year’s lavender blossoms, I’m pretty sure that those coarse twigs with spent pods are last year’s lavender. As for the purple flower, I do not know yet what it is, but I love the contrast its silkiness provides.

Purple Flower w Last Years Lavender

This is the image above, but cropped for a closer look. I hope you enjoy these flowers from my garden.

About satnavandcider

An American expat living in England, exploring the United Kingdom and Europe through five senses and a camera lens.
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2 Responses to Last Year’s Lavender

  1. You’re right about the lavendar – but I was perplexed about the blue flower. It looks so large in the picture, so at first I thought it might be an aquilegia or a campanula. But actually, when you look at it in relation to the size of the Lavendar head, I actually think it might be a Bluebell (English version of course!). Have a look at this one and see what you think:
    It depends when you took the picture and where you were. Bluebells in England generally finished a few months ago.

    • Alice, you really do seem to know a lot about nature (bugs, insects, trees, flowers…) and I’m grateful for your insights. I looked at the link you provided and I do believe that the flower is the Bluebell/Wild Hyacinth. Thank you! And you’re right about the date, too. The photo was taken on April 24th and I live in the Cotswolds.

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