13 Responses to Eleven Years After 9/11

  1. Krista N. says:

    Thanks for sharing that. I had of course heard it before, but I think it is good to get it out there for others. For my family the effects of 9/11 were felt even more as the months progressed. With a family of military, all those in the military would be sent to Iraq and/or Afghanistan to fight. Never did anyone in the family doubt that we should fight or that we should be in Iraq. And when my brother-in-law was killed in Iraq we knew that really he was a victim of 9/11. I am very proud to be an American and have always felt this way, never doubted. This attack was meant to defeat us, to weaken our resolve to fight terrorism. Oh how wrong they were!

    • Krista, thank you for your comment. Without a doubt, the effects of 9/11 will be felt by many in a very personal way possibly for generations. I fear people are already forgetting or don’t want to remember, but, as painful as it may be, I think it is important not to forget.

  2. avian101 says:

    Thank you for sharing what happened on that horrible day! I didn’t write about it because I too get a horrible feeling of all kinds of emotions. At that time I lived in New Jersey at about 45 minutes drive from Manhattan, I had been working until after midnight and I was sleep when I hear someone nocking on the door, it was my older son, he’s a Sheriff officer then, I see his face and teary eyes and I thought immediately that something had happened. He told me to turn on the TV and I saw it, I saw the first tower on fire and then I see the other tower being hit, my heart was pounding so hard, I could not believe that was real. Then we realized that my other son’s ex-wife and his actual wife worked in buildings next to the towers! We called and we located one of them she was home sick, but the wife was’t answering. Hours later we leaned that she could get out from the building and was walking toward the bridge! We had terrible moments of anxiety without knowing about so many people that we knew that worked in Manhattan. I lost one of my neighbors, he used to drive pass my house every morning going to work. My son went to Ground Zero as volunteer and helped with the digging and recovery. The scenes he witnessed were harrowing and sad. He’ll never forget it!
    Please use your prerogative to delete this comment, you gave me an incentive to write and unburden myself of those tragic moments weighing on my heart.

  3. Lb says:

    Thanks for sharing! I always wondered about your experience but thought you probably don’t like speaking much about it.

  4. Vicky says:

    Your post has left me totally wordless.
    I cannot for one moment imagine how you must have felt, seeing that horror unfold before your eyes.

  5. adisoninmadison says:

    Thank you for sharing this.

  6. Tears. Again, tears.
    For you.
    For all of us.

  7. Okay, I’ve sat here for five minutes now, not knowing what to write. There’s nothing. Such an awful, terrifying day, with such an aftermath. I’m glad you shared your story.

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