The Pond That Shouldn’t Be

Berkeley Castle Grounds TreeTree and “Pond” on the Grounds of Berkeley Castle, Gloucestershire, United Kingdom.

Today was a lovely day to visit Berkeley Castle. The sun was out, the sky was blue, clouds drifted casually across the sky. Such a contrast to yesterday’s biblical downpours. Do you think I exaggerate? The pond in this photo isn’t really a pond; it is a flooded pasture. Now do you believe me?

A sad turn of events for the now-cancelled activities scheduled to take place in the pasture, but a big plus for today’s castle-goers. We were told that back in the day (think hundreds of years ago), the pasture could be purposely flooded to create something of a moat for defensive purposes. The Berkeley clan should be happy to learn that it still works! If ever they need protection from a siege, they’re right as rain.


About satnavandcider

An American expat living in England, exploring the United Kingdom and Europe through five senses and a camera lens.
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2 Responses to The Pond That Shouldn’t Be

  1. icastel says:

    I really like this shot. Nice compositionand colors.

  2. Those Brits….still clever…after all these years.

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