Dressing the Part

Judge at New Sheriff Ceremony, Wells CathedralJudge at Wells Cathedral after the swearing-in ceremony for the new sheriff of Wells.

When my husband and I arrived at Wells Cathedral in March, we were unable to visit the cathedral as tourists (no walking around and no photography), because a swearing-in ceremony for Wells’ new sheriff was in progress. Instead, we were able to witness a ceremony that was unlike anything we’d ever seen in the States. What a treat!

The well-attended ceremony was long and, well, ceremonial, with both civic and religious leaders speaking and conducting official acts, blending both spheres in a way that would never happen in the good ol’ U.S. of A. (Separation of church and state and all that). Many participants were dressed for the part with sashes, large medals, wigs, robes, hats, and other finery.

As we left, I fell in love with this man’s outfit. From what I can gather, he’s a circuit judge, but don’t quote me on that. Regardless, the man is sporting my favorite color and I dig his shoes. (I also love the look on the face of the lady just to the judge’s left). I suspect an American man would have difficulty pulling this look off with a straight face, but this gentleman makes it work. I love England!


About satnavandcider

An American expat living in England, exploring the United Kingdom and Europe through five senses and a camera lens.
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3 Responses to Dressing the Part

  1. Magic words: “I love England!”
    Makes me smile. Really big smile…!

  2. leiah says:

    I just can’t get over that they still use wigs!

  3. Vicky says:

    He looks to be in a bit of a hurry, I wonder if he’s desperate to return to his normal attire:-)

    Your love of the British Isles, whether it is the history, the pomp, or the scenery, comes across in all your posts 🙂

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