Red Eye Capsule, London

Red Capsule of the London Eye at NightThe EDF Energy London Eye at Night.

As I sit in the comfort of my own home and review the 900-odd digital images I took over the past three days, I’m relatively happy with the aspects of London that I’ve captured. It’s not an easy thing to see London differently than the billions of people who have photographed the city before me, but I did try. One image that stood out to me now and even as I was taking it is this photo of the London Eye at night. One red capsule just begged to be noticed.

I’ve been quite busy lately, and have fallen behind in several areas of life. I don’t regret the backlog, so to speak, because I’ve been traveling quite a lot (taking lots of photos that still need to be vetted) among other things. Unfortunately, though, one area in which I’ve fallen behind is with my responses to comments, which I really do appreciate and look forward to reading. I expect to be hanging out locally for a while, so I am confident that I’ll be back on top of all areas of life soon, including my blog. I hope you’ll stick around to see what I hope are unique or beautiful glimpses of London.


About satnavandcider

An American expat living in England, exploring the United Kingdom and Europe through five senses and a camera lens.
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6 Responses to Red Eye Capsule, London

  1. Monique says:

    So awesome. Love the clouds, too.

  2. lynnsweeney says:

    lovely and different photo.

  3. BobR says:

    Take your time, there’s no rush. Backlogs are made to grow. 🙂
    This is a nice shot, btw. I didn’t get to see much of London when I was there for the Olympics in August, but I did manage to catch a few private security guys wrestling an unlicensed street trader to the ground in the shadow of The Eye. 🙂

    • If backlogs are made to grow, then I’m doing swimmingly. 😉 We were in London for 4 days during the Olympics. We thought we’d have plenty of time to see the events and play tourist. We were so wrong. We planned this last trip to do what we thought we’d do during the last one. As if I needed an excuse to visit London again.

      As for your video of the street trader’s arrest…wow!

  4. nedakhalili says:

    Really cool. I never even noticed there was a red capsule. Is there only one?

    • I just did some searching and learned that it’s actually the red-orange color of EDF Energy. Yes, there’s only one, painted to represent EDF when it took over the Eye’s sponsorship after British Airways. Also while searching, I noticed that sometimes they’re called capsules and other times they’re called pods. Then I got it…Eye pods! 🙂

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