Reflection in a Roman Bath

Roman Bath, Bath, United Kingdom.

While visiting the Roman baths in Bath, I was a tad grossed out by a cloudy film of unknown composition on the surface of a bath’s blue-green water. But then I noticed how the film seemed to change the color of the reflected building to a yellowy-orange and add whitish clouds to the reflected sky. Odd, yet strangely beautiful.

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An American expat living in England, exploring the United Kingdom and Europe through five senses and a camera lens.
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9 Responses to Reflection in a Roman Bath

  1. RMW says:

    Most people would completely miss this and only concentrate on the dirty water!

  2. Love your snaps and commentary. Almost…just almost…like being there with you….she said, smiling.

  3. Lovely photo.
    I wonder if that cloud was the sulphur compounds that made people consider Bath spa healthy in the first place?? I think that could explain how it altered the colours.
    Did you notice the water giving off a bad eggy smell?

    • Thanks for the compliment and your comment. I’m hoping the minerals had something to do with the colored film and not some kind of bacteria or something growing in untreated water. I know what you mean but the eggy smell (I lived near a hot spring growing up. Pyew!), but I didn’t smell any strong scents that I can recall. I just looked at the Roman Bath’s website and it indicates that the water contains lots of minerals, including dissolved iron, which is orange in color. Maybe it was just dissolved iron caught up in something floating on the surface?

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