Hazy Amsterdam

Red Coat and Westerkerk Tower, Amsterdam, The NetherlandsEarly in the morning, before the haze had a chance to burn off, my husband and I wandered the streets of the Jordaan District in Amsterdam. While walking down Eerste Leliedwarsstraat towards Westerkerk (“Western Church”), I couldn’t help but notice the man in the red coat (in stark contrast to his more mutedly-dressed companion). Somehow, the red of the jacket seems to pull the red of the clock face out from behind the haze. Would the clock face be as noticeable without the man in the red coat?


About satnavandcider

An American expat living in England, exploring the United Kingdom and Europe through five senses and a camera lens.
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4 Responses to Hazy Amsterdam

  1. ColorInk says:

    One more wonderful photo! You could be a famous photographer, if you would wish!

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