Biketastrophy in Amsterdam

Biketastrophy, Amsterdam, The NetherlandsMany Amsterdammers seem bicycle dependent. Bikes truly are everywhere. So my question is, were these bikes flipped over the rail as an act of vandalism, or were there no more parking spots on the bridge?


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8 Responses to Biketastrophy in Amsterdam

  1. avian101 says:

    Happy Thanksgiving Day! 🙂

  2. Shutterbug Sage says:

    I have seen more than one bike sticking up from a canal. I even saw one submerged in the Mass River. As far as parking goes, it seems that they always manage to find a place. If not the bridge over a canal then another spot nearby. Isn’t Holland gorgeous?!?

    • I did love Amsterdam despite the misty gloom. We did not get out into the countryside of Holland, though, and have yet to experience the tulip fields in bloom, but it is on my wish list for next year. I’m glad I did not see bikes in the canal when we were there. It would have brought my fears to the forefront that such a canal-soaking possibility exists.

  3. Cambridge is similarly full of bikes and bike tastrophies routinely took place when I lived there, and no doubt still do. It’s usually when guys are drunk late at night, they get silly and go on the rampage a bit. …including people who ride bikes themselves. In Cambridge, the usual one was to stamp on one wheel whenever people saw a bike leaning at enough of an angle, so it would bend the wheel like a fortune cookie. They do like their beer in Amsterdam (amongst other things) so I’m sure it’s the same reason!

    • Thanks for your comment. I don’t doubt that the bikes in Amsterdam meet the same fate as those in Cambridge, but it’s still so sad to hear. What possesses people, I don’t know. Perhaps it is the spirits.

      • I agree it’s kind of sad, but more to the point, infuriating. I did know one student who got so full of “Christmas Spirit” that he actually fortune cookied his OWN bike. Oddly enough, when he sobered up he was actually able to find it funny!!!! Oh well.

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