Dijver Canal in November Morning Light

Dijver Canal with Belfry Tower, Bruges, BelgiumDijver Canal with Belfry Tower, Bruges, Belgium.

I’m an insomniac, so for me to see anything in the early morning light is a rare event (and usually at the end of a very long, insomniac-y night). So for all those people in northern latitudes who cringe at the thought of short winter days, please don’t hate me if I enjoy the 8:30 AM sunrises. What a beautiful moment to behold when the sun, low in the sky, emerged from behind a cloud and illuminated the Dijver Canal in warm, morning light.

Dijver Canal with Belfry Tower, Bruges, BelgiumThe rich, autumnal colors and low-angled light changed the Dijver Canal’s character considerably when compared to my afternoon visit to this very spot in June. Have a look at my previous photo and see for yourself.

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An American expat living in England, exploring the United Kingdom and Europe through five senses and a camera lens.
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11 Responses to Dijver Canal in November Morning Light

  1. avian101 says:

    They’re both nice pictures but the one on top has the accent of the early sun. You’re right! 🙂

    • Both photos in this post were taken within a minute of each other, but that was enough time for the clouds to soften the light in the second photo. Same basic shot, but slightly different light, which made a noticeable difference.

  2. coast72 says:

    I’m so the same. The only time I see a sunrise before that time is when the dog is looking desperado at me!
    Checked your Juli post,but must say prefer it with these warm colours and no people,great architecture aswell .
    btw glad you got up and shared 🙂

    • You mention no people and that is so true. Besides the morning light, our early walk had the added benefit of sparse activity: few people and even fewer cars. Another reason I should try to get up earlier. Perhaps I should get a desperado doggy to give me that extra nudge. 😉

  3. Gives new meaning to living near the water…or is it one the water?! Beautiful.

  4. I meant to type “on” the water…but actually the buildings do appear to be “one” with the water also!

  5. Marisa says:

    Gorgeous photos!

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