Oh, Frosty Day

Cotswold Frosty SidewalkI took a walk to enjoy the crisp, fresh air and frosty scenery. These photos are just some of what I saw.

Cotswold Frost BuildingI wanted to pet this lawn, but I doubted it would have felt as velvety as the frost made it look.

Cotswold Frosty GrassUp close, my suspicions were confirmed.

Cotswold Frosty Yellow RosesRoses in December two years running. Is this normal for England?

Cotswold Frosty White BerriesThese are snowberries, I believe.

Cotswold Frosty White BerriesIf so, the name is quite appropriate.

Cotswold Frosty TwigThis twig did its fair share of ice crystal catching.

Cotswold Frost Pines BirdsThe evergreen’s cones peek up from frosted branches while two birds soar high above.

Cotswold Frosty PlantsThese spent plants were adorned for the season with garlands of frozen spider webs.

Cotswold Frosty Bird BathA cobalt blue bird bath is a lovely backdrop for viewing tiny ice crystals.

Cotswold Frosty LeavesFallen autumn leaves covered in December frost highlight the progression of the seasons.

Cotswold Frost Church YardMy walk began with a frosted, velvety lawn and now ends with one I found in a parish church’s neat and tidy garden.

Oh, frosty day, you turned my world into something new again.


About satnavandcider

An American expat living in England, exploring the United Kingdom and Europe through five senses and a camera lens.
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2 Responses to Oh, Frosty Day

  1. What a lovely walk! Here in DC, it is still snow-free, and so a grey day looks just grey. Can’t wait for snow.

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