Frost Over the Cotswold Countryside

Cotswold FrostFrosty fields in the Cotswolds, United Kingdom.

Cotswold Road with FrostLast week, before the snowfall but after a frost, I passed through the Cotswold countryside between Bibury and Northleach, England.

Cotswold Wall and FrostIt was nothing short of magical.

Cotswold FrostThe fields, trees, weeds, and grasses were all coated with a not-so-thin layer of frost, muting nature’s palette nearly to monochrome.

Cotswold FrostDead roadside weeds, now uniformly white, were strangely lovely. The frosted Queen Anne’s lace, delicate, intricate, and white, lived up to its name once again.

Cotswold FrostAs much as these images capture, they unfortunately cannot convey the crisp, almost biting air, the crunching of frosty vegetation under foot, and the quiet isolation of vast frosted vistas in all directions.

Cotswold Country House and FrostBeing there felt strangely otherworldly, like a sidestep from the real. After all, where in reality does the world look like this?

Cotswold Barn and FrostYes. In the Cotswolds on a wintery afternoon where the cold, short days have slowed life to a near stop.

Cotswold Wall and FrostWith the cold seeping in, I left with no dreams of springtime…only of a nice cup of tea.

About satnavandcider

An American expat living in England, exploring the United Kingdom and Europe through five senses and a camera lens.
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6 Responses to Frost Over the Cotswold Countryside

  1. Fortunate for you not to live close-in to London. Friend Rose caught in a 2.5 hour tailback just trying to get home…she really needed something stronger than her afternoon tea when she finally made it home!!

    • I have been fortunate, having clear roads during the frost and not needing to drive during and after the snow. Sorry to read about your friend’s delay. I certainly can understand how tea might not fit the bill under those circumstances, but glad she made it home eventually.

  2. Beautiful. I love those frosted trees along the road–and the Queen Anne’s lace encased in frost.

  3. Pit says:

    Phantastic pictures: thanks for sharing.
    Best regards from southern Texas,

  4. Oh wow, the frost on those plants are really cool looking!

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