A Worthy Trip to Land’s End

Lands End, Cornwall, United KingdomView from Land’s End, Cornwall, United Kingdom.

A trip to Southern Cornwall must include a stop at Land’s End, which is the most westerly point in mainland Britain. Why? Because it’s just one of those things you do in order to have done it.

Before leaving for Cornwall, I searched Google Maps for “Lands End Visitors Centre, Penzance, United Kingdom” to get the exact location of where we’d be going. As it turns out, the little Google Maps guy that can take one to street-level views can actually “walk” down the paths at Land’s End (not just on the main roads), so I took a virtual walk all the way to the lookout point at the path’s end. There, I found “views” that would likely make a Land’s End visit something more than just a “been there, done that” stop on the Cornish coast.

Lands End Refreshment House, Cornwall, United Kingdom

Instead of parking in the pay lot at the Land’s End Visitors Centre, we took our B&B host’s advice and parked in the harbor pay-and-display lot at Sennen Cove, then walked the South West Coast Path along rugged cliffs past ever-changing seascapes to Land’s End. Because we came from the north, we reached the lookout point before reaching the Visitors Centre. At the lookout point stood the lone First and Last “refreshment house,” which appeared to be closed for the winter season.

Moving around the sea-side of the refreshment house allowed for a greater than 180-degree view of the Cornish coast.

Lands End, Cornwall, United Kingdom

The Longships Lighthouse stands about 1.25 miles to the west of Land’s End. The original lighthouse was built in 1795 on the highest point of the largest rock among the Longships islet cluster. The original lighthouse was replaced be a “new” lighthouse in 1873.

Lands End, Cornwall, United KingdomTurning slightly towards the north and one can see what I think is called the “Peal,” which is the westernmost point of the land.

Lands End, Cornwall, United Kingdom

Looking up the coast towards Sennen Cove, which is about 1.5 miles to the north, one can really see the raw cliff faces. According to one of the information plaques, this is one of the few places where Cornwall’s hidden granite backbone is exposed to view.

Lands End, Cornwall, United Kingdom

After reaching Land’s End and seeing the better-than-expected views, my husband and I should have gone a bit farther south to visit the Land’s End Visitors Centre. After all, that’s where the famous Land’s End signpost and several other attractions are located. However, hunger, thirst, and a ticking parking meter were calling. If we were with children, we most likely would have gone to the Visitors Centre, but as it was, we were already more than satisfied with our “box being checked,” so we walked back to Sennen Cove for afternoon tea instead.

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An American expat living in England, exploring the United Kingdom and Europe through five senses and a camera lens.
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6 Responses to A Worthy Trip to Land’s End

  1. Vicky says:

    Wonderful photos of a beautiful part of the UK, and I can’t believe your weather it looks stunning 🙂

  2. leiah says:


  3. minqan says:

    Great pictures! What a wonderful place!

  4. I love your adventure! I truly admire your photos and captions. I have an obsession with Cornwall. I’ve never been there, but ever since I saw Samantha Brown visit the various towns on the Travel Channel I have been hooked. What has been your favorite part of Cornwall?

  5. Love what the light does on the water in the last shot! Great time of day for these shots 🙂

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