Bluebell Walk in Wellies

Bluebell Walk, Broom Hill, Forest of Dean, UKEnglish Bluebells atop Broom Hill near Soudley in the Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire, United Kingdom.

Last week I visited the Forest of Dean with the hope that I would enjoy the experience of walking through a forest blanketed in English bluebells. Although the forest was lovely that day, the bluebells were not at their peak.

Yesterday, I was very fortunate to be able to return to the same forest and see loads of bluebells covering the forest floor. Looking close up, I could tell that some of the bluebells were just past their peak, but the sight from afar was not diminished.

Surprisingly, the forest was practically empty. While on Broom Hill, I and a few friends listened to an active bird population along with wind-rustled leaves. Gentle rain fell occasionally, but not enough to saturate the soil, although a few dips in the path did turn muddy. During our visit, we crossed paths with only one lady and her dog (shown in the photo above wearing her Wellies…the lady, not the dog) and one man with his two dogs carrying small logs as stick stand-ins between their teeth. How is it that such beauty is not visited by scores of people? Not that I’m complaining! But the fleeting bluebell display really is something worth seeing.

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An American expat living in England, exploring the United Kingdom and Europe through five senses and a camera lens.
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15 Responses to Bluebell Walk in Wellies

  1. I love the composition with the forest rising up above the path. I love the greeny-ness at this time of year. The blanket of blue looks great, quite subtle and the walker gives scale. Lovely photograph.

  2. of course i’m *liking* this..a lot!!

    • 🙂 Did you visit the Forest of Dean while in the UK? I think I’m a little hooked now and want to go back…bluebells or not. There’s something very serene and otherworldly about being alone in a forest.

      • very near but not the Forest. we day tripped on the weekend to Cheltenham on our way to Sudeley Castle and surrounding areas. can’t blame you for being taken in with the quiet beauty. i’ll be in salthouse/blakeney (east coast Norfolk) this Sept. for 2 wks. and then down to Seaford (E.Sussex) to suss out Seven Sisters chalk cliffs before flying back. These are areas we never journeyed to and I’ve always wanted to visit. My Wokingham and St. Margarets girlfriends are coming with…we are all so excited! Have you journeyed to Norwich/Norfolk Downs area? Seen Seven Sisters?

        • It sounds like you’ve got a great trip planned. I wish you the best of weather. And that’s saying something! 😉 I have not been in that area yet, but hope to before we leave England. Looking at photos of the area I can only say, “Wow!” (As I think that I’d love to see the cliffs, but from a distance so as not to have to get too close to the edge. Yikes!) Later this summer we’re hoping to do an overnight safari at an animal park southeast of London. I’d like to swing by the coast during that trip to see the white cliffs. Maybe then or if we get around to seeing the starlings at Brighton. Hmmm.

  3. odd3 says:

    wow .. I really love the forest …. what a fascinating views …..^^

  4. Gorgeous bluebell photos, I live just down the road from the Forest of Dean and always manage to miss the bluebells every year, hope they can hang on til tomorrow and I can go and get some shots!

  5. Glad you returned…the forest floor covered in bluebells looks stunning! Lovely photo!

  6. I really do love walks like this and can’t wait to be staying in the forest of dean at the Forest of dean hotel . Great blog and i can’t believe that I missed it this year.

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