Krakow’s Market Square Fountain at Night

Krakow Market Square at NightFountain and Cloth Hall (Sukiennice) in Kraków’s Market Square (Rynek Główny).

Rynek Główny, the main market square in Kraków, Poland, is the largest Medieval town square in Europe. A modern fountain is located near the Renaissance-style Cloth Hall, which sits in the Square’s center. Although of a different architectural era, the fountain provides a pleasing contrast to the much older buildings within and around the Square.

Krakow Market Square FountainDuring my husband’s and my visit, the Square was full of activity from morning until night. The fountain reflected this lively feeling with its constant motion: the water’s flow, the rise and fall of the water spouts, and its rippling and reflective surfaces.

Fountain and St Mary's Church in Krakow Market Square at NightThe Market Square fountain with St Mary’s Basilica and her Gothic towers behind.

Interesting how the fountain’s activity seemed to slow down those who were around it, allowing for a more restful appreciation of the fountain and its surroundings.


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4 Responses to Krakow’s Market Square Fountain at Night

  1. leiah says:

    Beautiful! I was wondering why we did not see it when we were there, but I guess because it was -10c in January, it was probably shut off! I am going to try to catch up on your blog 🙂

  2. Great night shots! I tend to have such a hard time with those haha, but these are perfect 🙂 Did you use a tripod?

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