Lovely Lake Bled

Bled Castle and Bled Island, Lake Bled, SloveniaLake Bled, Slovenia

The beauty of Lake Bled was a central reason for my husband’s and my recent 10-day trip to Slovenia and Croatia. The first time I saw pictures of Bled Island I knew that one day I had to visit Slovenia.

On our first evening in Slovenia, my husband and I walked around the entire lake. Lake Bled did not disappoint, changing but ever beautiful from each new angle and shift in the light.

Assumption Church dominates tree-covered Bled Island, which is situated near the western end of Lake Bled. Bled Castle can be seen in the background, standing high above Bled Lake and the town of Bled, which is at the eastern end of the lake (hiding behind the island from this vantage point).

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13 Responses to Lovely Lake Bled

  1. Heyjude says:

    I agree – the lake is just the right size for a comfortable stroll around, though the castle is a bit of a hike up the cliff 🙂 And the Bled cake – please tell me you had one?

    • Thanks for your comment, Heyjude. It seems like you really enjoyed your time at Lake Bled, too.

      The ascent to the castle did look steep, but we cheated and drove up to it on our way back to Bled from Vintgar Gorge.

      I did try the Bled cake. My husband and I shared a slice one evening while sitting on the patio of Vila Prešeren right on the edge of the lake as we listened to folk musicians play songs from around the world. It was a wonderful (and delicious!) experience.

  2. Krisena says:

    What is “Bled cake”?

    BTW, what is the origin of the word Bled? In French it refers to the middle of nowhere, like Green River, Wyoming, or a place that is not too nice like a pit!

  3. Monique says:

    Gasp! Like a fairy tale. (And … I wonder if that cake tastes best with that view … oh my!)

  4. Possibly the most gorgeous place on the planet! I proposed to my wife there and we try to get back every year or so. Did you row yourselves to the island? It’s very hard work!

    • What a wonderful story! The lake is definitely a beautiful location to make great memories.

      We did not get out to the island at all, because we ended up spending time with some distant relatives that we met unexpectedly. We already want to go back so we can visit what we missed, including the island and the iceless toboggan ride…

      As for the hard work of rowing, I don’t envy you guys, but I kinda think I’d enjoy watching my husband as he rows us out to the island. 🙂

      • You could even make your husband get to the island by Stand Up Paddle boarding if you’re feeling cruel! And one thing they don’t tell you is that the toboggan is closed from September onwards – we missed it too.

  5. leiah says:

    Cake sounds good! Looks beautiful there. One day we will get to Slovania…

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