Snowdrops’ Message

Forest snowdrops at Painswick

Carpet of snowdrops at Painswick Rococo Garden, Gloucestershire, UK (2014).

Snowdrops are one of the first flowers to emerge in full force at the end of winter. A few days ago I strolled through a local garden and saw clusters of snowdrops beginning to open their white, hanging heads. They are waking up. And their arrival couldn’t have come at a better time.

This has been my fourth and hardest winter in England. Moving a few hours’ drive north makes a big difference not only in the daylight hours (or lack thereof) but also in the quality of light. This winter in Yorkshire seemed noticeably darker than my last three winters in the Cotswolds.

The harder the struggle the more appreciated is the lifting of that struggle. I welcome the arrival of spring. Thank you, snowdrops, for letting me know that we’re almost there.

Because the local snowdrops are just starting their annual show, I decided to post a few photos from an outing last year to Painswick Rococo Garden, which is known for its snowdrops display.

Snowdrops bed at Painswick

The profusion of snowdrops along with the misty day transformed an otherwise pleasant stroll through the trees into something truly special.

Snowdrops in forest at Painswick

Rain fell briefly. The snowdrops wept tears of joy for the promise of the approaching spring.

Painswick Snowdrops CloseupI felt as though I could, too.

Snowdrops in forest at Painswick

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An American expat living in England, exploring the United Kingdom and Europe through five senses and a camera lens.
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2 Responses to Snowdrops’ Message

  1. Monique says:

    What a lovely memory!! Lovely to see these beautiful snowdrops and hear your voice again. 🙂

  2. leiah says:

    Lookie there! Yes, those little darlings are precious. What a great shot with the tear (rain) drop.It’s alllmost here. Sorry to hear that it’s been a rough winter. It does seem long, but every year I say that.

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