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In Search of Poppies

A friend heard about some poppy fields south of town, so one afternoon she, another friend, and I set out to find them. Although we searched south, then north, then south again and even asked a local, elderly gentleman where … Continue reading

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Lavender-Loving Bees

Last night I saw the most amazing insect pictures and I’m not exaggerating. Nature’s Place has a Page titled Macro Illustrated, which describes the basic principles and practices of nature macro photography and includes mind-blowing photos that show what can … Continue reading

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Bumblebees on a Mystery Tree

I love big, fat, fuzzy bumblebees. One day I spent almost 45 minutes following a bumblebee as it flew here and there in a large flower bed. On that day not one photo came out clear enough to keep. This bumblebee … Continue reading

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A Glorious Day

Today is cloudy and gloomy, marking the end to almost a week of absolutely spectacular, sunny, and pleasant weather. It’s already making me appreciate the moments captured in these photos, which I took yesterday while out and about. Is it me, … Continue reading

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