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“Wash Me” in Bath

While visiting Bath, I was surprised to see such a dirty car in such a posh town. I was tempted to write “Wash Me” in the grime, but wasn’t sure if Brits do that sort of thing, so I took a … Continue reading

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Becoming a Citizen of the World

Living in England is changing me. So subtly that I don’t even notice it day to day. But I recently passed the one-year mark. It’s hard to believe, because time seemed to go so quickly, but here I am…over one … Continue reading

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In the Toilet

Toilet with Elevated Cistern and Chain in the Stonehenge Visitors Center. Toilets. Not something I ever thought I’d write about. But why not? After all, I recently wrote about a sculpture called “Piss.” Just the other day I was questioned … Continue reading

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Devils, Drivers, and Detours. Mallorca, Part 1

Sóller, Mallorca, Spain (Feb. 2012). My husband and I decided to visit Mallorca after experiencing the almost unbearable cold of York in January. We wanted to feel the sun on our faces; we wanted to leave our heavy winter jackets … Continue reading

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