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White Rose, Red Bug

This week’s homework assignment for my creative photography class was to shoot a surreal image. The assignment stretched my imagination and tested my problem-solving skills. After several failed ideas, false starts, and adaptation, I selected this as my final image. In case … Continue reading

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A Bug’s Eye View of Bluebells

Bluebell or Wild Hyacinth in England. I really like this photo, but have wavered repeatedly about whether to post it. I finally decided that, because I still like it as much as I do, I will post it and let … Continue reading

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Passion Flower

While walking in the neighborhood, a friend pointed out to me this most striking, complex, and fascinating flower appropriately named passion flower. Not only is it beautiful, but if all goes right, it will soon become a passion fruit.

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Fuzzy Orange Slippers

A spotted pink hanging flower beside the museum building at Chedworth Roman Villa, Gloucestershire. I can’t help but think of those giant fuzzy slippers of my childhood.

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Sparkly Purple Pause

I don’t know what kind of flower this is, and actually think it is a weed, but I do like how sparkly it is in the sunlight. Simple and shimmery like a little cocktail dress. Have a great weekend!

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One White Rose Bud

Rose bud in my garden after a punishing downpour. Lately, I’ve noticed that I want my camera to do more than what I’m getting from it on the Auto setting so, after a heavy rain shower, I experimented with my camera’s … Continue reading

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The Lowly(?) Dandelion

A pesky weed? Yes. But also eaten, made into wine, central to a book by one of my favorite authors, Ray Bradbury, and enjoyed by children everywhere as they happily participate in dandelion propagation. Today, it’s all about their beauty. This … Continue reading

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