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Bubble-Blowing Mini Fly

A tiny fly blowing a bubble while standing on top of a tiny bud on a flowering tree. I tried to find out what kind of flowering tree and what kind of fly by looking through images on the Internet, but … Continue reading

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A Closer Look

Generally, dandelions are not considered welcomed garden residents. This is true in my garden, but dandelions still manage to thrive during my spates of neglect. Such was the case recently, so I took advantage of the dandelions’ presence and took … Continue reading

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A True Sign of Spring

Greetings on this fine, sunny, spring day. Wow! It feels so good to be able to say that! My husband and I just returned from a low-key yet really enjoyable holiday in Dublin, Ireland. Even though I took far fewer … Continue reading

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Passion Flower

While walking in the neighborhood, a friend pointed out to me this most striking, complex, and fascinating flower appropriately named passion flower. Not only is it beautiful, but if all goes right, it will soon become a passion fruit.

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Last Year’s Lavender

When I moved into my house nearly a year ago, I had no idea what the rough, brown stalks were, but after this year’s lavender blossoms, I’m pretty sure that those coarse twigs with spent pods are last year’s lavender. … Continue reading

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Bumblebees on a Mystery Tree

I love big, fat, fuzzy bumblebees. One day I spent almost 45 minutes following a bumblebee as it flew here and there in a large flower bed. On that day not one photo came out clear enough to keep. This bumblebee … Continue reading

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